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Keyword Keg is a powerful content research tool. It allows you to enter a seed theme and get extended tail opportunities huge opportunities in just a few seconds. It is an invaluable asset for a recent client project involving a lot of keyword research. It helps them fill in the content calendar to help improve my service quality and will help them be more successful.

Find conversion keywords based on what your audience is looking for

Automatically categorize keywords based on audience intentions. The list is available:
Buyer’s plans: Keyword phrases with words like buy, discount, deal, etc. indicates that the user intends to buy soon for a while. For e-commerce businesses, Buyer’s intended keywords will be more valuable because the ranking for those keywords will directly affect sales. When you search for keywords with Buyer’s Intent, Keyword Keg automatically adds specific buyer’s phrases to keywords to create long-tail keyword phrases with Buyer’s Intent.

Product information: Keyphrases with words like reviews, best, top, etc. indicate that users are looking for a product/service. For blogs and affiliates, keywords with Product Information will be more valuable when they are looking to target a higher audience on the channel. When you search for keywords with Product Information, Keyword Keg automatically adds different product reviews and keyword specific phrases to create long-tail keyword phrases with Product Information.

Question: Keyword phrase with very suitable questions for Content Writers who want to answer questions. Get content ideas from your readers’ searches. With this category, you can find all keyword phrases with items that your audience is asking. After that, you can increase your rankings by being the first to answer them.

If your keyword needs include creating a complete list of all possible keywords, you can use the following two categories in addition to the above categories –

Alphabet: The proposed API is called with prefix and alphabetical suffix to get the most comprehensive list.

Prepositions: Keyphrases with prepositions added such as for, like, near, vs., etc.

Easily find low competition, easy to rank for keywords.

Get access to Volume, CPC, and Competition from Google Keyword Planner. Also, use our exclusive SEO metrics to compare candidates in your keyword search.

Difficulty on the page (0-100): Measuring different factors contributes to pain in ranking for keywords based on the content of the page. The lower the chance, the better the chance of ranking.

Out-of-page difficulty (0-100): A measure based on backward links showing difficulty in ranking for a keyword. The lower the ratio, the better the chance to rank.

Difficult SEO (0-100): Measuring overall SEO difficulty for keywords, is a combination of On-Page challenge and Off-Page — the lower the measure, the better the chance to rank.

Range of TLB (0-100): Index Range click rate is the traffic measurement you can expect to get. The higher the score, the better.

Learn more about SEO metrics

Quickly shorten your list of relevant keywords. Easily narrow down and find the best keywords by using Search Volume, CPC, Competition, Trends and Value in addition to our exclusive SEO metrics (Page constraints, Out of Page constraints, Difficulties in SEO, TLB Range) and categories (Buyer’s Intention, Product Information, questions, alphabets, and prepositions).

Arrange and use our smart filters to narrow your list based on your criteria.

Use negative keyword filters to hide phrases you don’t care about. For example, an e-commerce business might want to exclude free keywords in it. Using negative keyword filters ensures that your advertising revenue doesn’t necessarily have to be spent on these things.


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