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TheOptimizer Group Buy

TheOptimizer is a very attractive and easy to use automation and optimization platform preferred by a large number of users worldwide. It helps to optimize the growth of the online advertising business with the help of Native and Pop navigation traffic because we can easily automate and optimize Time and interest savings rates.

Why choose Theoptimizer

There are many different reasons why users should use Theoptimizer compared to other services as follows:

– Optimize Zero Hassle campaign and campaign management.
– Users can automatically change their Bid budgets when they want, and that helps them make the most of their resources. They may increase or decrease their bid if it works well or works poorly, as is the case by considering its real-time reports.
– Can create hundreds of ad combinations for multiple sources with just one click.
– Copying campaigns and uploading bulk content makes things easier and saves a lot of time because we don’t have to work from scratch.
– Predicting real-time costs is possible with the help of Theoptimizer.
– Can accurately estimate costs and revenue on an advertising campaign.
– Automatic optimization tool helps users to quickly identify days, weeks, and even times when their automated optimization actions are done automatically without any involvement of the user.
– Users can easily manage Lander monitors and offers, and they don’t even need to leave Theoptimizer, and this makes it very easy to operate.

– Easy to set up Campaign.

Create blacklist

With Theoptimizer, it is possible to create blacklists automatically, and users can use it in different campaigns, and this makes their work unbearable because they always feel comfortable creating lists. Black from the beginning.

Also, the advantages mentioned above, many things make Theoptimizer very useful when we can easily create rules for Widgets, Campaigns, Bids, and Budget, and these will be automated — controlled by Integrated API used by Theoptimizer and free maintenance.


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