What is Googlebot? All you need to know about GoogleBot

Googlebot is an important crawler for websites created by Google. Googlebot activity has a big impact on your ability to rank and appear in better search results. Information such as what is Google Bot, how to improve crawling speed and even blocking Googlebot from accessing the website will be answered in detail by Seo Group Buy in the article below.

What is Googlebot?

Googlebot, also known as the search spider (Spider), is a website crawler through Google’s links to build indexes on the Google search engine. There are two types of Google programs collectively known as Googlebots, which are:

  • Googlebot Desktop crawler. This is software that works based on a user’s simulation on a computer.
  • Googlebot Smartphone Crawler. This browser was created to simulate a user using a mobile device.



User agents will be identified using Googlebot. Both types of collection will have the same product code, so they cannot be used to target both phones and computers at the same time.

Googlebot can be broken down into many different categories. In addition to the two types of programs mentioned above, there are also three types below:

  • Googlebot Videos
  • Googlebot Images
  • Googlebot News

Google’s bot will visit your website regularly to get data information. There are thousands of machines running Googlebot running at the same time to improve work efficiency. If the website’s hosting is limited, the access speed will be shorter than usual.

How Googlebot gets to your website

Googlebot mainly crawls through US IP addresses. If in the case of detecting some websites with blocked IP addresses in the US, Googlebot will reach and collect data through IPs from other countries. All IP address blocks currently used by Googlebot will be in JSON format.

The data that Googlebot collects is usually through HTTP/1.1. Where web support is available, data will be collected via HTTP/2. Both HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2 protocol versions are the same and offer no difference in collection advantage. However, when collecting data via HTTP/2, hosting resources such as CPU and RAM will be optimized to help the website operate more stable.


During Googlebot verification you can choose to allow data verification over HTTP/2. With this approach, you must select the HTTP 421 status response code when Googlebot tries to crawl. In some cases, you may be able to submit information to the Googlebot team for processing assistance when HTTP/2 data collection is not possible.

Crawlers will usually crawl about the first 15MB of a website’s data. In some cases there will be other specific limitations. When crawling through text, image, video, CSS and JavaScript files, the Google Bot aggregates the information for indexing.

The influence of Googlebot on your website

The activity of Googlebot greatly affects the ranking of the website. The visibility of the results on the rankings is also determined by the activity of Googlebot. For websites that need SEO ranking, implementing SEO campaigns to spread the brand, etc., the Google Bot reaches out as soon as possible. When quickly accessed by Googlebot, the re-indexing and ranking increase will be faster.


If the Bot does not access your website or has limited access, it will greatly affect your website. This will cause the information not to be refreshed, the useful information is not appreciated, so the website will be difficult to rank in the search table.

Googlebot has a great influence on your website, so this system of good information screening, fast access will bring more opportunities to reach users, SEO achieves higher efficiency.

The status of Googlebot crawling slowly

The influence of Googlebot on ranking and search query returns is huge. There is a need to promote enhanced crawling of the Google Bot. If this happens slowly, consider one of the following:


Slow server

Hosting resources are low, the server is slow, so it takes a long time for Googlebot to crawl. It is necessary to optimize resources, increase bandwidth and review the website for this Bot to increase the frequency and depth of crawling faster and more.

The site has many errors

Websites with too many errors also prevent Googlebot from accessing information. If you find that the articles are slow to index, the website’s rankings do not change, you should use software to find errors on the website. For example, use “Google Search Console” to enable Google’s error-finding feature. After finding the error, proceed to fix all the errors that Google Search Console has reported to help Googlebot work more efficiently.

Website has too many URLs

Building affiliate links will be good in the process of website SEO but must be quality links. Spamming too many URLs on the same page will disrupt the bot’s crawling process. Googlebot can get out of control and get confused, so it takes more time to process the information.

How to improve website crawling speed?

If you want your website to increase rankings, index quickly and display good search results, you need to optimize your website. You will need website optimization techniques to improve Googlebot’s crawling and accessing speed as follows:

Googlebot locking technique

This is a technique to help you keep crawlers to help the Bot stay on your website longer. This will help Googlebot continuously reach and collect the latest content of the website in the fastest way.

To do this, you need to focus on the following GoogleBot locking techniques:

  • In the article, the first thing to do is always link to the homepage and the categories containing the article. After completing this technique, proceed to attach links to keywords that need SEO.
    For Category, there is no structure overlap. It is necessary to put the rel=”nofollow” attribute on content that you do not intend to use for SEO.
  • As for the interface, you should focus on placing links too close together on the footer, header, sidebar. If the links of the footer, header, sidebar areas are duplicated, it will be considered by the Google Bot as spam.

Set up social network buttons

To entice the Bot to your website faster, you should set up social networking buttons such as like, share, tweet … on the website. When backlinks and visitors (visitors) naturally increase quickly and have a lot of shares and interactions, Googlebot will quickly notice your website.

Use Google Search Console


Google Console is provided by Google for free to help users check website errors and find problems to fix quickly. It is recommended to use Google Search Console to be provided with all the necessary reports from Google. Googlebot’s search and crawl will be faster. Especially issues related to indexing, creating new content is also updated faster.

In addition, you should also focus on Ping (Packet Internet Groper) technique. This is a way to test the connection ability, line speed to know the total sending and returning time of the standard data packet, thereby fixing problems related to hosting, download speed …

Googlebot Verification

In case you are concerned that Googlebot is fake, you should conduct Googlebot verification to ensure the safety of the website. Admin, SEOer can verify Googlebot manually or automatically. Specifically:

  • Manual Googlebot verification will require command lines to perform. The implementer needs to know about the command lines to verify Googlebot can do it
  • Automated Googlebot verification if large-scale testing is required. In this case it will be necessary to use automated solutions to compare Google’s IP addresses. You need to know Google’s list of IP addresses to compare during verification.

Use some tools to help index quickly

In the world, there are many companies that have produced a lot of tools to help index quickly with extremely cheap price but very effective. These tools help you save time in getting your links indexed by google.
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How to block Googlebot from accessing your website?

To prevent Googlebot from crawling, you need to create meta tags for that index. Such as:

  • If you want to block Googlebot-News, you need to use the meta tag with the following structure: <meta name=”Googlebot-News” content=”noindex, nofollow”>.
  • To prevent all the robots from indexing the articles, specific structures need to be implemented, For example: <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex, nofollow”>.
  • If you don’t want Googlebot to crawl the images on your website, you need to implement the following structure: <meta name=”robots” content=”noimageindex”>.

Depending on the purpose of blocking Googlebot for which index, which content will need the command lines or the structure of noindex, nofollow equivalent.

Some common errors about Googlebot

During the operation of the Googlebot system, there may be some errors such as:


URL Errors, robots.txt Google Webmaster tool

When this problem occurs, Googlebot will notify you of statuses such as:

“Google couldn’t crawl your site because we were unable to access the robots.txt”: Google could not access data from your robots.txt files.
“Server error”: Server error
“Not found”: Not found
“Google is unable to access your site due to a server connection problem.”
When you encounter these problems, you can fix them by:

Check in the robots.txt file for any banned directories that Google can’t crawl and index.
Check Ping, hosting to check the interruption of the connection and take corrective action.
Error URL Errors, robots.txt in Google Webmaster tool
URL Errors Googlebot cannot access your website will have statuses like:

Google Bot reports the website’s robots.txt error rate.

The Google bot reported an error querying your robots.txt in the last 24 hours.
Should visit http://www.example.com/robots.txt to check the configuration of access to Googlebot. Or verify the validity of the website.

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