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Cb Engine Group Buy

CB Engine is a tool to help you quickly find ClickBank products to sell. CBE provides some features that will help affiliates earn money with ClickBank commissions.

Features of CB Engine

Bookmark System will help you keep track of the products you are advertising or the products you want to boost.
CB Affiliate Insider is where you can find or recommend the most profitable and current products available.
Statistics and product charts will provide you with all the latest product information and updates and seller statistics.
Nickname Manager will give you one-click access from your CBE account to the hop link of any and every product you find to promote.
Ad-sense Style CB Ads is a Pro version feature granting access to PPC ads sponsored by Clickbank.
The storefront is another feature of Pro that works very much like the Amazon or eBay PHP script store utility that you add to the sidebar of the site.


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