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Hello everyone, today would like to introduce you an online tool that much helps your SEO. That’s the SimilarWeb, to know how great this tool is, you should read the article below.

What is SimilarWeb?

SimilarWeb is an online tool that provides comprehensive and relatively accurate reviews of a website’s data: reach, ranking, and user interaction, including traffic. SimilarWeb has a simple interface, has a utility (similar web extension) built into the browser, making it easy to measure any website right from the start.

The outstanding features of this Similar web are as follows

Enter the website domain name to check into SimilarWeb.
SimilarWeb will update the information related to the domain you just submitted and give the results as graphs of information including: current rankings of websites in the country, worldwide
Monthly traffic to websites. Statistics of where that traffic comes from, customers go directly, via keywords or access from information on social networks. The information tells you the link pages that lead to your website. List the keywords that users used to access your site.
However, this tool can only assess data of websites with significant traffic within a minimum of 3 months. If the website has too small hits, less than 1000 days of access will not be displayed. SimilarWeb access statistics are only relative, according to the individual I identified, every statistic visit of SimilarWeb divided by five will result in the actual appointment of the website. For the convenience of checking the site quickly, I use SimilarWeb Chrome Extension. You can also download and use it to save time.

Main features of SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb offers a rich visual control panel with lots of data divided into Overview and eight other indicators: Geography, Referral Website, Search Traffic, Social, Display Ads, Objects, Similar websites, and Mobile apps. The free version allows comparing up to 2 websites side by side. In the PRO version, it is possible to compare up to 5 websites. After entering the website name, it will display all the information we need, such as ranking the website in the country and the world (almost like Alexa).

Some functions of Similarweb

-Traffic overview

Traffic estimates: monthly visits (last six months).

Level of interaction: time on page, page view, the page number of 1 customer visited on the web, Bounce Rate.

-Information about country access

Similar statistics will tell us about the traffic coming from the country. The free version will display the top 5 countries.

-Information about access sources

Compare access sources to know which traffic comes from the most: Direct access, through referral channels, search query rules, via social networks, mail, or paid advertising.

Information about web sites involves the source of incoming and outgoing traffic. List of 5 access source websites and the top 5 access source websites.

-Traffic Information by search query

Including organic and organic traffic and top 10 keywords.

-Social Network Signal

Rank the top 5 social networks according to the amount of traffic they send to the site.

-Traffic information through paid advertising

Leading publishers and ad networks also display screenshots of advertisements.

-Website content analysis

Statistics of the most popular content on the website

-Analyzing visitor behavior

Statistics of other websites that users access online by category, site topic – thereby building the image of the customer.

-Statistics on similar websites



If you are a website owner or an online marketing specialist. SimilarWeb can provide competitive intelligence about your industry and major competitors. It allows you to find out what your competitors are doing. Assess their performance, and have your overall business strategy. For advertising measurement and decision-making campaigns based on traffic sizes and conversion rates. You should pay attention to data estimates provided by SimilarWeb and decide if they are reasonable. Compared to the exact data you get from Google Analytics, for example.

For the geographic profile of the audience, if you are interested in measuring traffic worldwide, SimilarWeb may be your best choice. Finally, when it comes to evaluating the percentage of different traffic sources that are targeting the analyzed website, SimilarWeb provides a reasonably accurate estimate.

That’s all. SimilarWeb is an indispensable tool for any webmaster or Seoer.

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