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I must confess:

I like to use cheat codes when playing video games.
I am not ashamed.
It all started when I was five years old. I couldn’t win the Contra game with only three lives. Can not.
Then my buddy glanced over and entered the code:
Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a.
I have 30 networks instead of only 3.
I was startled. It was like having magic, and now gaming was easier.
That’s when I started to be obsessed with hacking. I wanted to hack my life.
Work hard until 67 years old and then retire? No, thank you. Affiliate marketing is my cheat code.
I like to play live games in easy mode.
Sometimes I think affiliate marketing is like playing games, and money is a score.
So does this affiliate marketing game cheat code?
Yep. Of course.
Your opponent is making a lot of money every day.
So, it would be great if you could see the ads, landing pages, and offers they were running.
And the spy tool is the cheat code in this affiliate industry.
There are many great tools for native ads and mobile, but there are not many spy tools on Facebook.
The best tool (WhichAdsWork) was forced to shut down in November 2017 without warning.
From then on, I often received emails asking for the good stuff. But for several months, I did not dare to recommend any tool because the market is full of substandard goods.
And the good news: a new tool has emerged.
It is AdSector.
It has all the same features as WhichAdsWork. I’ve been using it for a few days, and this is really a gold mine.
I found five different campaigns, and this week I started testing, I wouldn’t be able to find out without this tool.
If you run Facebook ads without using this tool, you are at a big disadvantage.
And I’ve earned a lifetime 30% discount code for you here. You can’t find this cheap on any other site, ka ka.
I will share with you a detailed view of my experience and the features of this tool.

What is Adsector?

AdSector has millions of ads in their data.

Very huge. But actually…

We just want to find the best ads for our competitors.

AdSector makes this simpler with the feature:

Filter by date – I usually search for ads that appear seven days ago (or up to 30 days) to find the most relevant ads.

If you search for ads from many months ago … sometimes the offer is no longer active, or the niche is already saturated.

Three powerful search modes – I’ll summarize …

Keyword: Are you promoting dog products? Then type the words dog, pets, french bulldog … You will see the opponent in this niche.

You should use keywords that can appear in the title or description of the opponent.

Advertiser: if you have a competitor’s URL (advertiser’s URL), fill in, and you will find a lot, you will know all the ads running this offer. Test yourself.

Publisher: You will have a few more ideas when you see how other affiliates promote their products.

Sort by features – this is the best part.

The question is: what should I do after finding all 1000 ads of my competitors?

We want to know which is the best of those 1000s. This function allows you to find the ads that have been running for the longest time, getting the highest number of likes and shares.

The above feature has shown me thousands of delicious ads.

But … I still want to go deeper into the filtering feature.

Country – In January 2018, there were 15 countries T1 / T2 booming.

Genre – you can have it show only “image” or “video” ads.

Position – Unlike many affiliates, only run on “News Feed.” You can use this method to find them. Or you can find the ad on the right-hand position.

Gender – Very useful if you are working in the muscle or beauty …

Relationship/age – very useful in certain areas, but I don’t really care.

You do not need to use all the filtering features, as it may be too detailed.

I didn’t use it all, but AdSector also gave me many options if I wanted to.

This part can be very useful with CPA affiliate and eComm.

Affiliate Networks – You can find out what affiliate promotions are on the network.

For eComm, you can choose “None” to make sure to find non-CPA ads.

Tracking system – you can use the sector as a tracking software system, like Voluum / Thrive.

eCommerce Platform – Pretty useful with eComm dropshippers.

Choose “Shopify,” and you will see what eComms are doing.

Tip: you can choose two items at a time (if you want to find ads on Shopify and Magneto, just choose both).

I believe that you have seen its potential.

Not every spy tool can find details like this guy.

I will make an example for you to understand.

Where to buy Adsector Group Buy? 

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