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What is Poweradspy?

With Poweradspy, the tool allows you to search by specific keyword, fan page, or even by domain name to search for articles that the page has or has been running ads for. Poweradspy also supports keyword search in user comments that SPY tools are currently limited. The site also allows you to categorize and organize your advertising articles in the latest order, the longest-running ads, the highest number of likes – comments – views, etc. Or even search for articles within a period of time. Opponents run ads.

A great feature of Poweradspy is the Filter Mode you are allowed to find in the call to action buttons that the opponent specified in the post such as “Contact_US” or “Apply Now”, … or Filter posts in the form of images – video, gender – age range, even by the type in which your ad runs the ad. And lots of other advanced features.

In addition to searching for ads on Facebook, Poweradspy can also search for ads on google, youtube, or Instagram.

The downside of Poweradspy is like buzz sumo, that you will have to pay monthly after the first 7 free searches.

How Can I See Ads?

You need to log in and then click on Ad Search to see the ads.

How Do I Find The best and Profitable ads?

Poweradspy finds the ads running on Facebook on the basis of the niche market and keywords a user selected to scrape the ads example.

5. What to do when I don’t find specific ads?

If you don’t find specific ads, change your keyword. If you still don’t find the specific ads that I cant look for, then log in to your account and click on “User Suggestions” and ask us about the profile that you are looking for. For instance, Country, Age and anything that you would want to know about and we will add that profile.



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