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What is FindNiche?

Free trial

If you are a newbie online seller and are looking for a free product scraping tool, FindNiche may be the right choice for you. It offers a database of over 2 million products, 11,000 dropshipping niches, and 700K stores. You can use FindNiche to research what is popular and profitable and get analytics on your product sales. The site even features country-specific performance charts.
FindNiche is intuitive and easy to use. You can quickly find products in your niche by using the easy-to-navigate interface. You’ll first need to register by entering a valid email address and a password, and then you’re ready to start analyzing your products, niches, and Shopify stores. From there, you can toggle several features to refine your results.
As a dropshipper, finding profitable products is often the first hurdle you’ll face. Traditional methods include searching social media to find products that sell well or asking your friends and family what they think would be profitable. Fortunately, the FindNiche software makes this process a breeze by filtering your choices based on categories, niches, and sub-niches.
For a limited time, you can try FindNiche for free. The free version allows you to perform a limited number of daily searches and queries. You can pay $59 per month for the elite plan if you’d like unlimited searches and analytics. However, there are some limitations to the free trial, including limited search filters and best-selling products.
FindNiche offers many useful features, including exporting products to a CSV file. You can also bulk import products to your online store. The professional and elite plans allow you to export 600 products. Using an exporter like FindNiche, you can add best-selling AliExpress products directly to your store.

Paid plans

The free FindNiche account offers many features, but premium plans offer more. For example, elite plans include:
A daily curated list of the top 20 products on AliExpress.
Access to a database of over 10 million Shopify products.
Live Facebook ad campaigns.
Premium plans on FindNiche are the best choice for new drop shippers. These plans include unlimited access to the database, an API integration, and more seller platforms. The Premium and Elite plans are the most popular with new drop shippers. Members can access a database of over 600,000 top Shopify stores and their sales analytics. These insights can be very valuable when coming up with niche ideas.
Paid plans on FindNiche offer detailed information on the market for a specific niche, and the Elite plan can be used to make informed business decisions. It’s a great choice for e-commerce startups on AliExpress or Shopify, and it comes at a reasonable price.
Paid plans on FindNiche provide access to more than 20 million AliExpress products. You can also access daily curated lists of top-selling products from the biggest marketplace in the world. Paid plans on FindNiche can cost as little as $29 per month. And if you don’t want to spend more than a few dollars, you can opt for a free trial.
Paid plans on FindNiche allow you to track your competitors’ market share and find opportunities. The free version is incredibly basic, with a very small amount of data, but if you want to do some serious business, you should upgrade to the elite membership for $59/month.

Limitations of free access

The free trial offers access to the product’s database and a few features. However, it limits your use to a limited number of daily queries and searches. To continue using the service, you must subscribe to the premium plan, which costs $29 per month. The free plan also limits your access to advanced analysis.
The paid subscription offers unlimited access to all features and benefits of FindNiche. It is an intuitive and comprehensive tool that analyzes over 11,000 niches, 700,000 stores, and millions of competitive products. It also allows you to compare hundreds of products to make an informed decision. In eCommerce, the ability to analyze big raw data and make pre-informed decisions is crucial.
FindNiche is one of the most affordable tools for dropshipping research. The free version lets you see a subset of the product database and basic performance analytics. Premium access offers unlimited access to the product database and features, including an exclusive list of 20 winning products each day.
If you are looking for products to sell, FindNiche can provide you with an extensive database. The product database has links to AliExpress sellers, Shopify products, and live Facebook ads. The tool also offers a CSV export feature for all product information. There are also paid plans, including a Business, Elite, and Professional plan. The premium version offers full access to the product database and the top Shopify stores.


There are two FindNiche membership levels, premium and elite, and each offers unique features. Premium members pay $29 per month, while elite members pay $59 per month. Each level has different benefits, but both allow you to search for many products and get more detailed reports than their free counterparts.
Before using FindNiche, it’s best to register for an account using a valid email address and password. Then, you can start selecting products, niches, and Shopify stores to view. For example, you can see a particular product’s prices and sales history, or you can choose to view products based on their popularity.
FindNiche offers a free plan for those new to dropshipping. Basic features include a list of top sellers and a limited database of products. You can access advanced features and the database of over 20 million AliExpress products for an additional fee. A premium account includes full access to all products and allows you to use FindNiche’s ad spy and product analysis tools.
While FindNiche is priced reasonably, the free version only allows you to browse a few products. The premium plans start at $29 per month and offer the most profit potential. Using the free trial version, you can try out the premium tools and decide if FindNiche is the best option.
FindNiche is an eCommerce product research solution that helps e-commerce sellers to identify profitable products. It’s also a social media marketing tool for dropshippers, allowing you to study your competitors and see which products and ads are selling best. It also provides comprehensive data analytics and a Facebook ad spy tool.

Comparison to EcomHunt

Among other things, Ecomhunt helps you find top-selling products by giving you access to valuable metrics related to them. This makes it one of the best product research tools. In addition, its Pro plan provides valuable insights into Facebook ads and helps you target the right audience. It also provides you with access to new and upcoming products. This makes it a great choice for drop shippers.
Ecom hunt has the advantage of being able to add two new items to its database daily. However, those who use the free edition must wait for three days for new additions. It also offers numerous filters, which help you to narrow down the number of items you can view. For example, you can sort products by order history, category, and price.
Ecomhunt also offers a useful product description service. Product analytics are generated from Aliexpress listings and provide crucial data about a product, such as buyer reviews and ratings. It also displays reactions to a product on social media. It even links to a supplier’s listing to see which products have sold well. Another good feature of Ecomhunt is its Oberlo button, which automatically imports products to eCommerce stores.
While EcomHunt provides a few more features than Sell The Trend, the app’s main functionality is the Sell The Trend feature. This tool helps you find hot products in your niche and sell them to a large audience. It also contains an Amazon search tool and helps you identify the top products on Amazon.
Another benefit of Ecomhunt is its tracking system. It can help you keep track of items that are sold on AliExpress, and offers you the ability to save them for later use. Furthermore, you can access product analytics through AliExpress as well. The platform also lets you track seller recommendations and ratings.


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