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What is Placeit ?

Placeit is a special tool to design for all products such as logos, mockups, etc. for those who do not understand much about design or amateurs who can still create their own satisfactory products. If you have ever used a Canva Pro account, using Placeit is as simple as that. However, you will create masterpieces that will definitely be much more beautiful than Canva. That’s not to mention the Placeit account creates very good communication applications that are not inferior to current design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator.

Why use a Placeit Pro account?

There are many reasons that you should use Placeit for design. Because Placeit has quite high applicability in many fields. If you have used Canva and also use Placeit, you will be surprised by its great applicability. Sell cheap Placeit account
Sell cheap Placeit account
I give some analysis below to help you understand better!

01. Application in many fields

If Canva only specializes in communication design, with Placeit you can design many different products such as logos, videos, banner ads, t-shirts, bags, …. Especially, with other online design tools, it is easy to get unwanted logos on websites or PDF design files. It makes it very difficult for you to use in products. But for Placeit, you create products with all formats and suitable for all platforms.

02. Integrate many great tools

With tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, creating drawings is quite difficult for amateurs. Not to mention that you have to move the mouse pointer to create lines and explore fonts. As for Placeit, you have a lot of choices such as icons, designs, fonts, mockups

03. Simple Designer

Because the Placeit Premium account is an online form, you just need to go to the website: , register for an account to be able to use it immediately. However, this is a free account, so it will not be full of features as expected. If you want to use the full feature, read on You just need to select the publications to do such as facebook, instagram, t-shirts, bags, … then edit the font and color to use.

04. For all non-graphics professionals

The ideas that you are trying to implement will all be available on Placeit. You just need to select and edit as you like and then export the file.


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