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Vidiq Group Buy

1. What is Vidiq Group Buy?

Vidiq Group Buy is an extension to quickly increase your views, analyze SEO scores in detail and guide your Youtube channel development strategy.

Currently, Vidiq has a relatively stable free version. And if you have the money, buying the paid version will help you optimize SEO.


2. Vidiq’s channel optimization video SEO function

We all know, Youtube is the largest online video sharing platform today. This is fertile ground for those who are looking to develop on this platform.

To develop your Youtube channel, in addition to unique content, good image quality. Support tools are an important part of helping your Youtube channel grow every day.

A platform with a lot of potentials also means fierce competition. If you want to build your channel with more views, increase recommendations, then you need a clear campaign.

Vidiq was born as a solution to help YouTubers develop their channels. Optimizing SEO features, increasing recommendations, increasing views will be done easily with Vidiq.

Increase channel views and subscribers
Identify the most popular, trending keywords, create tags
Increase your video visibility and channel subscriptions
Accurately track your video analytics
When using Vidiq, it will help you to track the development roadmap, analyze competitors. Outline growth strategies for your Youtube channel.

How to use vidiq

Vidiq aims at simplicity and convenience for users. With only two steps after installing Vidiq in the Chrome browser, you can use Vidiq easily.

3.1 Install Vidiq into the browser

Step 1: You visit this link to install Vidiq in the browser.

Step 2: Click add to Chrome to install Vidiq in the browser

Step 3: Register for a Vidiq account at the link:

You need to enter your email and password according to the very easy instructions. So you have completed the registration of the Vidiq account, now let’s explore its features.

3.2 How to use Vidiq

After installing Vidiq available on Chrome browser. When you go to Youtube to watch any video. Vidiq will display the SEO analysis parameters of that video.

Vidiq analyzes the index of any video.

Thanks to Vidiq’s analysis of viral videos: tags, descriptions, titles… You can consult ideas, then edit them to suit your channel’s theme.

Note: The tool is only a part of your development. Do not abuse the tool. Refer too much. Still have to maintain their distinct and unique identity. 


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