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What is LSIGraph

LSI keyword (Latent Semantic Indexing) is a keyword with latent semantics with the main keyword. In simple words, LSI keywords are often related to the main keyword. It will modify the main keyword to help search engines understand it more accurately.

Example 1: “Ink”. If you say ink, you won’t know if the ink is a cartridge or a squid. So:

Pen with blue ink: The pen and blue will help you to know the ink in this example is an ink cartridge.

Squid looks delicious and fresh: So, in this example, delicious and fresh is the LSI keyword of squid. It helps you know this is a squid.

Example 2: Epic SEO – If you say Epic SEO, Google probably won’t understand what this is? Maybe a brand or something. However, if you say something like this:

You can use the LSIGraph tool to find LSI keywords. This is a very powerful tool and optimizes this keyword search.
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