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Ispionage is a smart intelligence tool that provides SEO data. Valuable to users related to business competitors. This tool is based on the business rivals of the company. And find out what search keywords, ad content, and landing pages allow them to attract customers. This strategy allows business entities to continue themselves or even ahead of their competition. With iSpionage, websites leverage the power of PPC research to gain valuable insights. Doing so allows them to implement marketing strategies against their competitors such as writing optimized ad copy, so they reduce cost per click and also improve the sales rate.

Ispionage overview.

iSpionage gives companies access to PPC and SEO keyword data from Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This includes 92 million keywords, more than 100 million ad copy, and 45 million domain names. With this vast database, competitive intelligence tools provide subscribers with precious information that they can use to capitalize on their own companies.
It has a complete list of AdWords keywords used by a competitor. With useful keyword filtering tools, it enables companies to search for the most relevant and helpful search terms. So, that would allow them to add another SEO keyword into their categories to expand their search rankings.



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