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Copyscape Group Buy

Today seogroupbuy will introduce you to a content duplication test tool. That’s Copyscape, with this tool, you can quickly and control content duplication. Create articles with quality, reader-oriented content, that don’t overlap with any other material. Thus the website is highly appreciated.

What is Copescape ?

Copyscape is currently the most effective service, helping you to check the content of your article if it overlaps with any other content already available on the Internet. Duplicate content checking with Copyscape enables you to make sure that authors comply with the standards for building content for you without being technically duplicated for the article. This ensures the item is always of the highest value to Google.
Copy scape allows you to use for free when you visit the website However, you should note this free tool limit as follows:

Copy scape free only allows checking content published on the site, by checking based on the posted link.
Copy scape free only allows searching up to 10 results (here do not remember clearly in the month or the day). This result is calculated based on each domain checked.
Copy scape has two primary services about content when you register:

Copyscape Premium: check content duplication, help you ensure the first level is recognized online before publishing that content.
Copysentry: automatically notifies you when other content copies your published content
To control the level of duplication of the author’s material in the project, you need to register the account of Copy scape Premium. Two different account types.



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