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Demand and use of applications to detect plagiarism content are becoming increasingly popular, both in the academic context and online publications. Today, most people writing content, internet marketers, students, and researchers want to publish only 100% of the right and unique cited content. Today I would like to introduce to you a plus of plagiarism checking tools. That is Que text.

What is quetext?

It is a plagiarism testing tool and a very affordable quote tool, and some beneficial features make it a more convenient and flexible option than many of its competitors.

How Quetext Works?

Quetext uses contextual testing, so it will not flag a short repeating text block unless the text next to it also appears to be copied to another source. A simple quote cannot be flagged. If the cited explanation text is also repeated or even rewritten using synonyms, it will most likely be classified as plagiarism.

Furthermore, whenever you use Quetext to scan your content, it will match your content with a database of more than 35 billion cached (and incremental) seconds, more A million magazines for all reliable sources and a cached copy of more than 20 -million books.

The tool can also detect plagiarism concealment attempts, such as reordered sentences, reordered paragraphs, or change a few words for synonyms while leaving the rest Same sentence structure.

Premium Benefits

First, this tool can flag sources that you have extracted information from (so you can be sure that you have cited them correctly), you can exclude causes that you don’t. I want to use.

This is useful if articles are published on multiple platforms because you can use materials that are considered high-quality sources and ignore low-quality / discarded journals. You can also overlook secondary sources, Wikipedia, and site questions and answers that are not regarded as reliable.

Secondly, it is convenient to send multiple papers at once. Also, Quetext allows you to scan documents with up to 25,000 words.

It’s handy to upload a document instead of copying-pasting and being able to download reports with automated quotes and comments.

Third, you find that you are in the habit of using too many common phrases. Although that is not quite the same as plagiarism, and even the most difficult editors have never accused you of copying to start a post with Coaching for a triathlon contest. Those scary phrases are something that they often edit.

Therefore, I especially recommend this tool to anyone who wants to be a better writer – both for academic and professional purposes.


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