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What is WriterZen

WriterZen is a B2B SaaS tool for creating SEO-friendly content that people are looking for. WriterZen has a content creation tool, keyword explorer, and topic research algorithm. The tool can uncover golden keywords, determine topic relevance, and provide accurate content references to help get content high in search rankings. At the same time, WriterZen helps orient SEO campaigns, closely saving research and creation time.

The solution is also integrated with a plagiarism checker to help ensure the quality and preserve the value of users’ content. The direction of integrating artificial intelligence (A.I) technology shows WriterZen’s roadmap to participate in digital transformation in the advertising field, catching up with the rapidly growing solution industry trend in Vietnam. It is estimated that in 2020 and 2021, the industry’s growth will be 2-4 times the economy’s growth rate.

Daniel Nguyen, CEO and founder of WriterZen shared: “Instead of developing each feature individually, we focus on promoting our long-term goal: supporting users in research, in-depth planning to improve their performance. optimize the ranking of creative content with easy operation”. Users do not need to use up to 10 solutions for the same content because solutions from keyword analysis to content classification are integrated at WriterZen. Thereby providing SEO solutions and creative content on demand to increase traffic and content revenue effectively, with less effort.


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