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What is Ubersuggest?

UberSuggest is an extremely effective tool for keyword research. Its main function is to support searching for related keywords, suggesting more valuable keywords. With this tool, we will have a lot more keyword suggestions for SEO.
Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool at its core, but it is in many ways better than any other similar tool I’ve worked with. To make things better, it’s completely free.


You can refer to some other keywordtool tools here: https://seogroupbuy.io/

How to use UberSuggest

You must first visit the website. It’s a web-based tool, so you won’t need to install anything. Moreover, you do not need to create a user on the website. You do not need to log in or pay anything to use the service. You’ll see the search form available in the header of the page you just visited. From there, you can insert your desired keywords, choose your target language and the type of content you’ll be searching for. The results will appear immediately, and the web page will look like the screenshot above. Unlike the Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest gives you an exact keyword count instead of a bunch of keywords, like Google Keyword Planner. This is a huge advantage and one of the many reasons you should try Ubersuggest.

If Google keyword planner can suggest short keywords, UberSuggest will help suggest you longer keywords. To use UberSuggest, you can visit:

The interface and usage of UberSuggest are very simple. You need to fill in the keywords you are interested in in the blank box and then click Suggest; this tool will summarize the information and display a list of keywords that you need to find.
For example, when you type the keyword “SEO tool,” UberSuggest will suggest longer keywords like google’s SEO support tool, free SEO tool, keyword suggestion tool in SEO, How to use SEO tools, SEO quake tools, website SEO tools, SEO backlink tools, …

When you find the right keywords, you can click the blue “+” sign to add these keywords to the list. When rechecking the list, if you see that a word is not needed, you can press the red “-” sign to remove this keyword from the list. When you have a list you like, you can press the GET button. UberSuggest will bring up a list of keywords that you have selected. You can copy these keywords into an Excel spreadsheet to facilitate the analysis and evaluation of these keywords.
selected keyword list
After having suggested keywords, classify and arrange these keywords according to groups and different topics. Then, use tools like Google Keywords Planner and Google Trends to plan your keyword usage, thereby finding the optimal keywords and keyword variations, synonyms, proximity. An alternative meaning for the main keyword.
I recently came across Ubersuggest and was impressed by how easy it is to work with this simple yet powerful app.



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