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SMhack Group Buy

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SMhack is a simple and easy-to-use social media management tool. This is what you can do on our social media collaboration. Schedule and publish content. Waiting will give you the optimal time to determine and track keywords and hashtag. Follow your competitive strategy and growth Get comprehensive reports SMhack is built for social media agencies and small and medium businesses. It now supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. If you are a social media analyst, then I recommend using SMhack.

SMhack function

SM Hack allows you to benchmark your Facebook page and your Twitter account against your competitors. That is great because you no longer have to visit your facebook page to enter the competition. I can do it right from SM Hack.
Another feature is the Engage tab that displays the DM twitter and mentions for you to answer and start the conversation.
There are also analytics tabs that show some of the data from my profile, such as:
Post a video, Video Performance, Fan demographics (gender, city location, age group, etc.) Facebook fan growth.
On Twitter, the data presented are Tracking Growth, Interactive Twitter Reports, Trends Tweaks Reports, Media Tweets, Most Attractive Hashtag, and Top Tweets.
Google Analytics provides the following data on your connected social media profiles: Page views, sessions, bounce rate, average session duration, page views/sessions, and users.


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