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What is ProwritingAid?

Whether you are writing a dissertation or a business plan, you must find a tool to proofread your work. This can be done with the help of an online tool called It is a site that features a Grammar checker and Style editor. The site also allows you to integrate other apps. This means you can use the app to edit documents you create on other apps such as Excel and Word.

Grammar checker

Whether you are writing for school, business, or pleasure, a grammar checker can help you improve your writing. These tools can catch mistakes and typos and help you proofread your work more quickly and easily. These tools also allow you to edit your work in real-time to make corrections as you write.
Several different online grammar checkers are available, but is one of the best. It is an easy-to-use editor that offers a comprehensive grammar analysis and many other features. You can download the app on your desktop or use the browser extension.
The grammar checker includes a list of all possible errors and suggestions for fixing them. You can choose to ignore certain suggestions or accept all of them. You can also disable rules that you do not want to be checked.
The app is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. It works with Microsoft Office and Google Docs. It also has a free version that covers the most common grammatical mistakes. You can upgrade to a premium or business plan if you need more features.
A pop-up box displays the grammar error and gives a brief explanation. Sometimes the error is simple, like missing punctuation, and other times it is more complicated. You can then fix the mistake with one click. You can also save changes to a Scrivener project.
ProWritingAid offers more comprehensive grammar checking than Grammarly. It uses artificial intelligence and data science to analyze text and detect grammar, style, and mechanics. It also has a comprehensive vocabulary builder and plagiarism detection. It even has an option for a detailed report, which can help refine your project.
The free version of ProWritingAid does not allow you to use it offline, so you can’t use it in school. You can buy a premium subscription for about $70.00 or an annual subscription for about $140. It is also available as an extension for Google Docs and Safari. You can test it for a week for free.

Style Editor

Using a style editor can help writers make their writing more interesting. It can also help you to catch common mistakes in your writing. It can be used with Microsoft Word or Google Docs. It can even be used as a desktop application.
Prowritingaid is a web-based tool that can be used for checking grammar and style. It uses machine learning to analyze your writing and recommend ways to improve it. The results can be summarized in a report, which shows the key score for your document. It also contains suggestions and explanations for how to fix the errors.
In addition to checking for grammar and style, ProWritingAid provides tips and a guide to help you improve your writing. The software offers custom rules, which you can create yourself. It checks for adverbs, cliches, and sticky sentences. It can also identify repeating phrases and passive verbs.
The premium version of ProWritingAid offers more detailed reports, which are designed to show you the best way to correct your writing. These reports include suggestions and explanations for eliminating cliches, improving sentence length, and avoiding repetitive verbs. You can turn on or off ProWritingAid at any time.
The writing style report is one of the most popular features of the tool. It mimics the suggestions of a human editor. It suggests ways to use adverbs more effectively, change hidden verbs to active ones, and eliminate emotional tells.
ProWritingAid helps you write more efficiently, ensuring you use the best job words. It can also help you fix misspelt entity names and improve sentence structure. You can even create your custom house style. It can be used with various platforms, including Google Docs and Scrivener. It is available for both Windows and Mac users. It is an easy-to-use tool that can be used for both personal and professional writing.
Overall, ProWritingAid is a great way to improve your writing. It can even be used as a teaching tool. You can choose to have it run statistical analysis on your documents, which will help you identify difficult-to-spot problems.

Word explorer feature

Using the word explorer feature in ProWritingAid is an excellent way to ensure your writing is understandable. The feature allows you to see usages and definitions of words, which helps you to define your thoughts in more detail.
The best part about the word explorer is that you can look up words in a contextual thesaurus, which gives you a more comprehensive range of words to choose from. The tool also helps you to find synonyms, antonyms, and replacement words. You can also use it to find rhymes and alliterations.
The word explorer is a great way to see what you can do with your words and how to use them to improve your sentence structure and make your writing sound more interesting. You can also look for examples from songs and poetry. This can help you avoid redundancies, which can be a problem for many writers.
The Word Explorer feature is a great way to increase your vocabulary, and it’s also an easy way to find exciting and meaningful quotes. You can use this to make your poems or parodies, and it can also show you how to paraphrase an idea. It’s also good for checking your grammar, as it flags spelling and punctuation mistakes.
The other cool thing about the Word Explorer feature is that it can help you find synonyms, antonyms, alliterations, and rhymes. It’s also good for finding cliches and collocations. You can even learn which types of words are more effective than others in your writing, which can help you avoid overuse.
The other interesting fact about the Word explorer feature is that you can pin it to the top of your Word window. This will allow you to access it at the touch of a button. This can be a great way to get quick fixes when you need them. You can also use the tool to fix common errors, such as plagiarism.
The Word explorer feature in ProWritingAid can be helpful for anyone who writes. Whether you’re an academic, business, or fiction writer, you’ll benefit from this tool’s help.

Integration with other apps

Whether you are looking for a simple writing app or a complete editing tool, there is something for everyone at They offer full Windows and Mac integration with all your favourite word processors and a web-based editor for collaboration. You can also use the browser extension to make edits in real-time on your computer without leaving your writing application. All changes are saved in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about losing your work.
Whether you are editing a document in MS Word, Google Docs, Open Office, or another type of software, ProWritingAid will provide you with suggestions for grammar, spelling, capitalization, hyphenation, and more. The Consistency Report will also catch inconsistencies in your writing and spelling.


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