Group Buy For Unlimitted Just 4.95$/ Month

$8.95 Group Buy For Unlimitted Just 4.95$/ Month


What is

Audio Editing Supported

Whether you’re working on a podcast, creating audiobooks or creating online videos, Group Buy can help you edit your audio files. It allows you to cut, copy and paste parts of your audio file and add effects such as echo, amplification or noise reduction. It also supports many voice formats, including MP3, WAV, GSM and VOX. This makes it easy to create a unique voice for your project without investing in multiple microphone setups or doing extensive post-production editing afterwards. Similarly, it’s a popular tool for animators and voice actors who need to change their voices quickly and easily without using additional mics or doing extensive editing afterwards.

Video Editing Supported

With Descript’s text-to-voice editor, adding voice-overs to video content is easy and painless. It supports a variety of voices and accents and uses AI to convert written text to natural-sounding speech.
Aside from converting text to speech, Descript allows you to split your audio file into segments and move them around on the timeline for a more flexible editing experience. It also supports adding closed captions for your videos.
The Platform’s Video Editor is non-destructive, so your original media remains intact in the edited version. You can trim and edit captions, insert slides, use text overlays, and more.
Inserting a watermark is a great way to brand your video and add extra security. It can also be helpful if you need to redact personal information from your video.
Yuja’s Video Editor features two image-specific editing options: the Watermark and Blur Region tools. The former, pictured below, looks like a landscape sketch from the video player screen and lets you place an image on your video. The latter enables you to blur parts of an image on your media player screen or entire blackout portions of your video/image.
Both tools are available for all audio and video streams on the Platform, but they can be especially helpful if you create an e-learning tutorial or a training guide. The watermark option is particularly beneficial because it helps your audience recognize the content and quickly locate it within the video.

Multi-Track Editing Supported

Multi-track recording is the newest fad in music production. With an eye to the discerning listener, the team has done its homework to provide you with the tools to produce and deliver quality audio to match your discerning tastes. You can start down your music production path in record time using one of the many bundled plugins. The best part is you’ll have a soundtrack to die for without ever leaving the house.



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