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What is Merch Informer?

Merch Informer is a software utility created exclusively for Merch by Amazon sellers to speed up and simplify the T-shirt research process. It allows you to research, organize, favorite, and find new keywords – all without having direct access to!

How does the Merch Informer work?

The Merch Informer uses Amazon API to pull down only a particular set of data or criteria. Instead of pulling down all possible data from Amazon’s list (like ratings or reviews), the API allows developers to select and select the data they want to display.
For Merch Informer, some information they use is Product Photo, Product Name, Seller, ASIN, Price, Main Features (Merch Bullet Point), description, and sales rating (BSR).
No more having to open hundreds of tabs for each shirt design or click on each list to see BS Fault or download Chrome bug fixes

The Merch Informer displays the top 100 results for any keyword you enter and then sorts it according to the Best Sellers Rank. This is extremely helpful and saves you a lot of time. Most of us are familiar with the New & Other parts of Amazon, enter keywords, and then select each page to design a low BSR that Merch thinks can improve. It is not an effective way to study.
With Merch Informer, you no longer have to do research directly on Amazon.
Everything you need to become a successful Merch by a seller on Amazon is included in the Merch Informer.

Features and characteristics

Search for merchants

Allows you to search by Merchant / Brand. Useful for finding the Top 100 best-selling designs of a specific brand and then listing them in the Best Selling Rankings incrementally. BSR is low at the top, and BSR is higher at the bottom.

Search product

Allows you to search on’s Homepage or New section and many other parts of Amazon. Useful for finding out how many other Merchants are using a specific citation or keyword or see how many non-Merch designers are on all Amazon.


After searching & finding potential T-shirts – you can love them later. You can also organize T-shirts by category. For example, you can add Elf and Santa according to Christmas categories. No big spreadsheet to worry about!

Keyword finder

Use Amazon Autocomplete feature. This helps you find other T-shirts with very similar titles.

If you type in the wrong keyword phrase, the Merch Informer can see the exact keywords that Amazon will display in the field that automatically completes your search.

Using Amazon’s auto-complete feature is one of the best / smartest ways to study T-shirt ideas. The terms displayed in Amazon’s auto-completion are often searched and purchasing cycles. If people are looking for them, that means people are buying them, and Amazon wants their customers to continue purchasing the most searched items.

With the Keyword Search tool of Merch Informer, enter the seed keyword and get hundreds of automatically suggested keywords on Amazon that have proven to be hot sellers!
From there, you can organize your favorite keywords through favorites, check phrases for copyright, and check their competition by clicking on the button.


The entire site is secured with SSL certificates. That means all your personal information is stored securely and will never be shared. Also, because you are linking your Amazon API account to the Merch Informer (you will be prompted to create one when you sign up if you don’t already), all your product searches will take place through the Amazon API.
This means they will not give away any designs found during your research.

Check the copyright

Quickly check database for copyright. Amazon attaches great importance to copyright infringement, so it is better to practice checking with every T-shirt you create.
With one click, it will append your product search to Trademarkia. You don’t even have to type the phrase.


If you are using the Keyword Finder, you will see the Score column of the score. This scores AE terms according to the number of Merch shirts created for that term.
An Elephant’s Scene Score means you should consider it, and E Eio implies that it’s a pretty saturated keyword and you should target a less vast void.


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