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If you are planning to start building a website to attract customers from Google, without knowing keyword research, you will be extremely disadvantaged.
Because you don’t know what content to build, many people are interested.
And the advice is, you need to know this operation from the beginning, repeat this task every time you make any new website.
Without the right keywords and the appropriate set of keywords to implement content. Your website will be full of content that does not attract traffic, even 3-4 months of site traffic graphs are still inferior.
And do you know that search keywords for a website are the foundation of any SEO strategy? So today, seo group buy introduces you to a keyword research tool and its functions. That’s KWFinder, where you learn to find the best keywords for your website and improve your rankings in Google.

What is KwFinder?

Kw Finder is a complete and easy-to-use keyword research tool. KwFinder is one of the tools that was favorite at the time when Google’s Keyword Planner was in error. The LongtailPro keyword research tool was too old. In terms of complete quality, KwFinder provides information that meets specific user information such as keyword difficulty and keyword competition.

Advantages and disadvantages of Kwfinder – the best keyword research tool.


The most intuitive interface compared to the keyword search tools on the market.
Use on the Web.
Calculate accurate, fast keyword difficulty
As one of the cheapest keyword research tools, it helps to find effective keywords.


Limited keyword results.
Do not support multiple keyword research tables.
Not ideal for studying opponents.
SERP Checker cannot customize the preview mode.

Features of KWfinder


The “Suggestion” feature will return you the keywords it suggests. Based on Data, it gets through Google API.
Long keywords should be used with the amount of Search volume> 100 and ignoring lower Search keywords.

It also has the default search option function. After Search, you will be shown a list of many keywords. At least 3 or more words that the tool has suggested for you.
Also, parameters such as DA, PA, and SEO competition will help you analyze your competitors.


Automatically add extra words after the Seed keyword you enter. This feature helps you get more ideas with Seed keyword. With a niche, niche keywords in your field that you may not have thought off.
Suggestions will look like you see while typing in the Google search box.


This feature helps you develop website content, increase traffic with keywords to find necessary information.
It collects information keywords by adding specific prefixes to the keyword. Such as:
Why, Making, Where, When, Who…
This feature was used as an alternative to Quora, Reddit, AnswersYahoo. If you are lazy to search on it, but due to limited results displayed in Kwfinder I recommend that you do not ignore them.

Evaluate keyword difficulty and Keyword Filter

A feature that helps us evaluate the difficulty of keywords quickly and easily.
Although for each keyword research tool, the data and the level of keyword evaluation are different. But because Kwfinder data is updated regularly, the level of trust is higher.
Kwfinder not only calculates the difficulty score for any keyword (based on Majestic’s data). It also gives us a typical keyword difficulty table.
To see the difficulty of each keyword. Click on the magnifying glass to show the problem. At the same time, the top 10 keywords will also show up so that you can quickly analyze your competitors.
One thing I don’t like is: Can’t see the difficulty of many words at a time.
If you have a list of many keywords that need to be researched, clicking each word is an extremely embarrassing thing.


As you can see, this keyword research tool is excellent. It does not help you directly track your opponent. But it is quite useful when combined with other devices such as Ahrefs or SEMRush. You can consult and buy these two tools at a low price here


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