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Keepa is one of Amazon’s oldest and smartest price tracking tools. Despite its rather bland layout, Keepa provides an advanced set of devices such as price history charts, discounts and alerts on inventory status, agreement alerts and browser utilities for Firefox, Chrome, and Edge and Opera.

You can search for products in Offers according to categories, ranges and sales ratings. You can also search products by Drop Percent Range allowing you to select a range by percentage. For example, I searched for the Macbook and chose 10%, and it returned to the list where the price dropped by 10%. Just below that, the Drop Range feature works similarly but in dollars instead of percentages. You can see the historical price of any product on the chart.
In addition to the US. Keepa also tracks transactions and sends discount notices to international websites such as in Europe and Asia. Keepa is considered one of the best price tracking tools to receive discount notifications via email, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and RSS. To receive discount notifications by email, tag a product.

The browser extension will make things more comfortable because it will allow you to view the price history right on the product page. Other notable features include Android apps and the ability to enter desired lists.

The bottom line:

Keepa is a great way to track discounts, deals and receive notifications on some platforms. It has an application and works on most browsers, but data presentation may be better.



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