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Selling on Amazon is business, in which you have to know the competitors, prices, markets, trends to be able to steer your ship. This time is even more complicated when the competition is getting bigger, and the information sources are getting more and more open, the sale of products is not only on the 1st and the 2nd days, but it can take up to several years.

Here is the indispensable toolkit for any vendor when entering a huge market like Amazon. So what information do we get? Can be reduced to the following types of functions:

A tool to analyze and store data about keywords searched on Amazon.
The tool provides information about product history, all important information related to the product.
Marketing tools show trends and support product marketing.
In addition, the tools also support many additional functions depending on the type. But the main part revolves around the above three functions.

I would like to summarize one thing “Tools that only help us work faster” saves a lot of time, decision making, and we make an analysis. Basically, the tool will provide the following amount of information:

Full information of the product: name, description, price, Rank, feedback, Brand seller, time to sell, number of sellers.
History of changing prices, changing Rank, changing Feedback of products over time
Give an estimate of the number of products sold over a period of time.
Search for products on Amazon for sale by certain criteria with quite diverse options
Giving information about a store selling on amazon: number of products, number of sales niches …
Search for keywords for hot products or keywords for certain customized products

There are many other features. Now we will go into each specific tool used by the Amazon seller community.


What is Helium 10.95? 

Helium 10.95 Group Buy is support software for sellers on Amazon,it is very good, accurate data and reasonable price. It has helped a lot of people achieve some keyword and sales rankings on Amazon and it is a huge part of the success of many Amazon sellers.

Helium 10.95 is product research and overall SEO software for sellers on Amazon. Its tools and features include product and keyword research, list optimization, product launches, keyword tracking, rival spying, refunds, etc.

lium 10 is also offering two user versions.

lium 10 website version: uses all the functions of this toolkit. See details here
Extension Version: Use an add-on in the browser to be able to view the complete information and sales of the product. See details here

Here is a list of some of Helium 10.95’s features:

Tracking keywords
Index checking tool
Helium 10.95 is exactly the number one competitor with Jungle Scout and is put on the scale quite a lot when surfing the international market and Vietnam market. You can watch a preview video below. But for individuals I am using, Helium 10.95 will give more accurate results and update data faster than its competitors.

In addition, the Blog on lium 10 is also an important source of information for any salesperson who wants to use this tool to find products and use their full features. The blog offers important tips for finding products, optimizing listings, launching, and overall marketing.


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