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Crazy Egg is a tool for analyzing user behavior displayed as a heat map. Crazy Egg focuses primarily on providing heatmap features including:
Heatmap: Recognizes mouse clicks to show points of interest on a web page. Where visitors are most likely to see, click, and focus.
Scrollmap:This is similar to the mouse scroll heatmap, which tracks scrolls on the web page, and shows where the user is focused.
Overlay: Shows the percentage of click attribution on the site and indicates where users are most likely to click.
Confetti: Splitting clicks made on the chart based on traffic sources, users can see where visitors from Facebook often click, and their behavior is different from visitors from Google or other sources.

Crazy Egg does not feature a funnel chart display. You can only see what they did on the site. The heatmap of Crazy Egg will be very useful to let you know the points to adjust the design and layout of the site so that it can increase conversion and achieve higher efficiency.



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