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What is Unique Content?

Unique Content is Content (Content) unique, meaning that the Content that you build on the website cannot be duplicated with other websites or, if it is also very little, usually will be calculated in percentage.

What is unique Content in SEO?

Google’s algorithm highly values ​​unique Content, and this is also one of the determining factors for a website’s ranking on search results. Even if you do not intentionally copy Content from another site, but there will be many problems arising from the writer you hire or someone else intentionally impersonating your copy.

How many unique is the standard? About 80% is OK.

What tools are there for unique content checks? Google, Grammarly, Plagium, Small SEO tool, Duplichecker, Copyscape, Copywritely, DMCA scan, Siteliner. Details of how each tool I will share below.

We recommend the best plagiarism check tool I’ve ever used. That is Copywritely

This is a tool to check unique content. You can check by the post URL or paste a certain paragraph of the article (limited to 500 characters for the free version). We are providing copywritely for $ 4.95 / month



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