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What is ahrefs?

Ahrefs – this is the most popular tool in the SEO industry, helping you analyze reviews, report website situation from visitor report statistics, backlinks, keyword rankings … to the list of competitors. pictures.
Ahrefs has a lot of other useful features. If you look at the bigger picture, Xrefs is like a data company collecting information on the Internet. Xrefs collected more than 6.1 billion keywords, scanned 175.7 million domains, 3 trillion URLs and updated statistics for 72 million pages every day. It can be seen that, if the Google bot is No. 1, then the bot of Xrefs No. 2 in the world.

How parLinkers in Xrefs need to know

Ahrefs Rank (AR)

Ahrefs Rank shows the order (rank) of your website in the data that Xrefs gathered based on evaluation factors of the number and quality of backlinks pointing. Xrefs rank in order from low to high.

URL Rating (UR)

URL Rating – UR stands for the strength/reputation of a target URL with a scale of 1 to 100, UR index is based on the quality and reputation of the backlink pointing to the target URL.

Domain Rating (DR)

Domain Rating – abbreviated DR is an indicator of the overall power/prestige of a domain name. DR has a scale of 1 to 100. The DR score is influenced by the Offpage / Backlink elements, so Onpage has almost no effect on the DR index.
Here, Xrefs displays the total number of backlinks pointing to the website or target URL. Note, there may be multiple backlinks pointing to a website. Backlinks in Xrefs can show the number of links pointing back, not the number of pages pointing back.

Live link

The live Link shows the direct Link to your website and is still “alive” when the robot crawls. Therefore, to check the index of the website at the present time, please select Live Link.

Recent Link

Recent links show the number of links, including Live backlink and lost backlink (backlink lost), that have been active in the last 3-4 months. Links are considered lost backlinks when robots cannot find the information they collect or are not available for some reason.

Historical Link

Historical Link shows all the active links that robots collected from the past to the present. This Historical Link parameter, implemented in May 2016 (According to Xrefs)

Referring domains

Referring domains represent the total number of unique domains that point to the website or target URL. Referring domains also have the same Live / Recent / Historical parameters as backlinks.

Organic keywords

Organic keywords represent the number of keywords of a website / URL present in the top 100 in the Google search results table. Note, if a keyword appears in 2 different countries, Xrefs will count two times.

Organic traffic

Organic traffic shows organic ESTIMATED traffic from domain / URL’s Google Search. I reiterate as ESTIMATE, which is a 100% inaccurate reference. Xrefs gives the amount of traffic based on the search volume of the keyword (Search Volume) and the URL position in the search results.

For exact traffic from Organic Search, see traffic reports from Google Analytics channels.

Traffic Value

Traffic Value indicates that with that amount of traffic, you have to spend money to get to it, instead of having to “plow” to get natural traffic.

Keyword Difficulty (KD)

Keyword Difficulty (KD) means keyword difficulty, and this Keyword Difficulty (KD) indicates the difficulty of a keyword to rank on page 1 of Google, Keyword Difficulty (KD) has a scale. From 1 – 100.

Anchor Cloud

Anchor Cloud shows the anchor text density/ratio when you build links (Link Building). To see anchor text ratio, go to “Anchors” in the left column of the Dashboard interface, where you will notice four main sections Anchor text, Referring Domains, / follows and Referring Pages.

Top Pages

Top pages show traffic, value, keywords, and KD of all URLs in a domain. On the Top page, you can check and optimize the posts in the page as:

– No traffic

– There are many keywords but low traffic

– Choose Phantom Keywords to make Heading in an article or anchor text to place in Internal Link

Content gap

A new feature of Xrefs and immensely helpful. I will share it in the latest post.


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