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What is Adspy? 

There will be some questions we need to answer each other before starting this article.

Why do I need a SPY? When is SPY needed?
What is the purpose of the SPY?
Who will I SPY?
Ok, get to work! SPY is to learn some basic information about competitors such as content, services, price, form of operation, competitive advantage, etc., with the ultimate purpose of giving suitable ideas. More suitable and effective.

When you are about to start a campaign or simply know the idea, you can SPY to find new ideas.

Different from competitor research, it will be more difficult and need more resources, including researching business strategies, products, budgets, sales, marketing, etc. to come up with an appropriate strategy for the company.

So who am I going to SPY? In my opinion, there will be two objects for your SPY.

The first is your direct competitor in the industry.
The second is the companies that have products and services along with your customer segment.
All business strategies, media ideas, products, services, content, … are derived from CLIENTS. So the products and services that are in the same segment of customers with their friends will also research and use the ideas, content, scripts, and services that their customers like while that is also the customers. Your.
In this article, I would like to introduce a very powerful and excellent facebook spy tool. That is Adspy Group Buy

What is adspy?

Comprehensive data from social media sites puts you in control of the fastest developing advertising platforms on the internet. Global coverage lets you assess the world’s trends without compromise. Exhaustive search and filter features will uncover the ads that you and your company need to know about, and the simple interface will help you discover them with ease.

AdSpy offers the most search options of any Ad Intelligence Tool, so you can find the data you want, how you want. Search in the usual way: ad text, URL, page name. Search true data from user reactions in advert comments. Be as rigorous as you need to: search or filter by affiliate network, affiliate ID, Offer ID, landing page technologies – whatever helps you find the information you can work with.

Uncover the Ads you need to see in one place, with one tool. AdSpy is the only Ad Intelligence Tool available that incorporates top social media data. Make sure that you aren’t ignoring a platform where you can thrive, that others often ignore. See what hasn’t worked, and what has: ensure your success on these competitive platforms by building on what you know will strike a chord with the consumer.






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