#1.Ad Ecommerce Group Buy – 17$ Per Month


Ad Ecommerce Group Buy – 17$ Per Month

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What is E-Commerce?

E-commerce (e-commerce) is a term used to refer to business activities, purchase and sale of products / services taking place on the Internet, especially through websites. E-commerce activities can take place between businesses and businesses or between businesses and customers. E-commerce is often seen in aspects of e-business. It also includes the exchange of data that facilitates the financial resources and payment aspects of business transactions.

Ad Ecommerce Group Buy can be used in some or all of the following meanings: E-tailing Electronic Retailing or “virtual store” on the web with online catalogs, sometimes grouped into “virtual shopping malls”. Collection and use of personal data through web contacts Electronic data exchange (EDI), data exchange between enterprises and businesses Email, fax and their use as vehicles for reaching out to and establishing customer relationships (newsletters, for example) Buying and selling between Enterprises and Enterprises Secure business transactions

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