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Today seogroupbuy.io would like to introduce you to a forum about affiliate marketing. This forum will be constructive for you in the field of affiliate marketing. That forum is called STM forum. To better understand, you can read the article below.

What is STM Forum ?

STM or StackThatMoney is a private community for affiliate marketers starting in January 2011. This tool provides guidance and case studies on affiliate marketing as well as online money topics. Other. You will find a variety of issues here, including marketing on Facebook, E-Commerce, Mobile Marketing, and more conclusions by the fantastic people of this industry.
Along with sharing the guides, they now organize local events and conferences and expand their knowledge to more affiliate marketers. Every affiliate marketer who wants to take the lead in this area needs an STM forum. These forums are categorized into sub-forums for easy navigation.
You will find successful affiliates here, who are active to share the best information with you. You must have heard of some of these hyperlinks including Charles Ngo, Matuloo, Jason Akatiff and more. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to know the secret of the success of these great affiliate marketers.

Why choose this forum?

Anyone who is choosing to start a business with affiliate marketing has a lot of questions in mind like where to start affiliate marketing. Then, this is where you are ready to step into the affiliate marketing world. And for those who have been working in this area and want to improve performance and earn a lot of money, they will love the STM Forum.
You might think there are many free affiliate forums, so why should you look for this advanced tool? After reading the entire STM Forum review, you will get an answer to your question.

STM forums are categorized into different sub-forums so you can easily find the topic you are looking for. Many sources of traffic cannot be described in an article. Below are just some of the forums.


If you take the initiative on Facebook and do your affiliate work in this place, then you will get all the techniques to improve your work. STM Forum has the highest things about marketing on Facebook.
Facebook’s algorithms are continually changing, and so you need to be up-to-date and stay ahead. In the STM forum, you will help guide unlocking Facebook codes and accessing your traffic. Mindful affiliate marketers have provided all the knowledge they have along with informational guides.


Mobile phones are said to have the highest flow of resources and are continually evolving. So there are many opportunities to switch on mobile phones. So, you can know about testing traffic sources and ways to convert them into sales. Many exciting topics appear here that you will be happy to learn.


Where most affiliates are starting their own e-commerce business, it also needs to guide them for this. This is not an old topic on the STM just a year ago and has included all the latest issues.
Some say that Pay only when you make money.
Thus, you will learn how to earn twice the amount you spend. Here, you’ll find all the latest topics, including Amazon Ads, VAT, and other E-Commerce topics.

-Campaign tracking

The most significant task for affiliate marketers is to keep track of the campaigns they are running. There is much software available for tracking marketing performance. But most users do not use them correctly to get the best results. Therefore, waste their money on expensive software.
The STM forum lets you know how to track your campaigns, what is the postback URL, and how to add the back button script on the landing page. You will receive professional guidance from working with affiliate tracking tools.

-Push traffic

Traffic has been a big trend since last year after POPs. So, indeed, the latest trends seem to have the highest natural traffic source. So you’ll know about the push notifications and their tools like Propeller Ads, MegaPush, ZeroPark and more.
Moreover, you will find ways to make a profit through these push notification traffic campaigns.


STM forums are all about the methods of traffic to pay to make a profit. Instead, here you can also find some topics on SEO topics such as ranking guides, SEO for E-Commerce, and other issues like this.

-Navigation / POP

This is a popular forum where you will know all about traffic sources, including Zero park, Adcash, Propeller ads, and other sources.
You will find great tips on POP traffic with its latest offers.

Also, when you join this forum, you have a lot of incentives:
Buy a continuous tracker – Get started with only $ 62 per month
IStack- Training course 25% discount STM
10% bonus for running push ads
Discount when promoting products or services at STM
and many other services.
Above are just a few things that still have many other benefits. If you are interested, you can here seogroupbuy for more information. This is where we offer all kinds of tools with lower prices than the market, including the STM Forum. We have an excellent customer support team. Ensure you will be satisfied when using our service.



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