SEO Log File Analyzer Group Buy


SEO Log File Analyzer Group Buy

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SEO Log File Analyzer Group Buy

Scr**ming Fr**g SEO Log File Analyzer is a tool that allows you to upload your log files. Or check the search engine program. Identify crawled URLs and bot data analysis. In addition, it also views and analyzes exactly the URLs. Googlebot and other search bots may collect information, timing and frequency. Get detailed information about which search robots collect information most often. The number of URLs crawled per day and the total of both.

The functions of Log File Analyzer

Find broken links & bugs: Explore all the broken codes, broken links, and bugs. Encountered by search engine bots when crawling your site.
Auditing redirects: Find the temporary and permanent redirects that the search bots encounter, which may differ from browser redirects or simulation data collection.
Identify large and slow pages: Consider the average bytes downloaded and the time taken to identify large pages or performance issues.
Match and compare any data: Enter and match any data to the ‘URL’ column for log file data. Therefore, gathering information, directives, or external link data for advanced analysis.


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