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Grammarly Group Buy

Grammarly is a tool that allows you to spell mistakes. When you have a paragraph that you want to correct, you will enter this tool. Then your text will be on the database for content errors. And it will collect the data of the anonymous person through his or her daily activities. Then the error will show you.

How Grammarly works.

Loading your text is easy. You can import files from, copywriting or import directly into the review box.
Hit the ‘Start rating’ button, and you can choose the context of your article: business, academic, or healthy.
Once the test has run, take a minute or so, you will be presented with something similar to the figure above, listing grammatical types and different writing errors and marking them in red, in the document.
You can run through errors, one by one, choose to change or skip, with each grammar rule explained as you go.
Then, copy your text back or download. If you have uploaded a Word document, then downloading the modified version will reapply any of the formats you already have in the original material and will display your changes as a Grammarly comment.



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